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How to use Web AR

Web AR references to our app free AR feature that is enabled on all of our 3D viewers on publish. It is enabled for both Android and iOS 12 (or later) devices.

This features requires that the device supports ARKit (iOS) or ARCore (Android). The links below will show all the devices compatible with this feature.

ARKit supported devices

ARCore supported devices

1. Look for Web AR icon

The AR icons that we use are industry standard for AR Quick Look and Android Scene Viewer. When product is Web AR enabled, the icon will appear be the top right corner of the 3D viewer.

2. Click on the Web AR icon to open the AR viewer


Click the Web AR logo to open the AR viewer and scan your environment to place the product. If the product is not loading, follow the instructions on the screen.


You can also open the AR viewers own 3D viewer by selecting the Object mode from the top. This will change the AR view to a more familiar 3D view in which you can rotate the product to see it from different angles.

3. Adjust location

After you have managed to place the product to your environment you can still make adjustments to its location.


Move: Place one finger on the object and drag to move the object.

Rotation: Place two fingers on the object and twist fingers clockwise or counter clockwise to rotate object.

Lift: Place two fingers on the object and drag finger vertically to lift it from the ground.