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Photorealistic Rendering (Beta)

The Woohoo AR Platforms Photorealistic Renderer has a user friendly “one-click” design, which can be used to render studio quality product photos with just a click of a button. Its use requires no prior knowledge or tweaking of settings since the framework is optimized to accurately calculate the physical behaviors of real-world materials and their interaction with light.

It is now available for all our Platform users. Define the resolution best suited for your purpose and render. Try it!

Server-side rendering

Allows users to render multiple products and all their variants at the same time without it draining any of your time or slowing down your computer.

After the rendering is finished, users will receive an email with a download link.


Currently the available dimensions range from 128 to 4096 px.

Choose the dimensions best suited for purpose, align the right camera angle and hit render.

Watermarked renders

Watermarked renders can be used to find the perfect camera angle for your product.

Their use does not use rendering credits, but we do recommend applying minimal dimensions when testing out different angles.

Render all variants

This allows you to render all your product variants at the same time.

It is perfect for creating matching product images for online stores.