Use 3D Web augmented reality to create exciting and compelling shopping experiences that drive customer interaction and enhance conversion rates and sales.

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App AR – Made Easy

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App AR – Made Easy

App based Augmented Reality and Interactive Print made easy. White label App AR solutions and Partner Program available for Printers and Agencies!

Provide customers with access to powerful and engaging AR content such as video, 3D and animated objects via an Augmented Reality and Interactive Print app. Apps can even be white labeled to match your own branding and can include links to other important online assets such as web pages, web forms, online stores and ticket systems to name just a few.

Create Campaigns in 60 Seconds
Easily develop App AR & Interactive Print campaigns in as little as 60 secs. Simply upload content and start tracking customer engagement.
Easy to use
You can easily create and manage your AR and Interactive Print with our easy-to-use campaign management platform, no technical experience required.
App Based AR Marketing
Provide customers with app based access to interactive and immersive 3D models, animations or video content as Augmented Reality or Interactive Print.
Live Reporting
Track campaign performance with the inbuilt live reporting feature. Track views, click throughs and other engagement metrics.
Calls to Action
Easily connect your AR or interactive print campaigns to websites, online stores, or any other URL. Even link through to email addresses and phone numbers.
White label App

AR solutions