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Faith & Worship Virtual Platform

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Deliver the Best Sermons and Holiday Services

Virtual sermons right in the comfort of everyone’s home

Human holograms with the Officiant being “present” in the room

Participation with the congregation and feel like part of the whole community

Engaging content and personalization with a simple application

Daily and weekly services that will never be missed

Special holiday services with a special added touch that Augmented Reality can bring to everyone

Create Engaging Classrooms and Religious Study Groups

Custom design: let our designers create the perfect experience for your students and members and take them on a journey previously unimaginable

Personalized learning: make your learning fun, engaging, and easy for participation

Make it unique: build your agenda to punctuate your groups with featured conferences and teachers

Break off into small groups: easily go from a classroom setting into breakout discussion groups

Encourage networking: with contact buttons and chat features, students can choose how they want to interact. They can even jump on a private Zoom (or other conferencing tools) session in one click!

Produce Amazing Virtual Weddings and Other Important Life Events

Never miss out: Family members, friends, and associates will never again have to miss an important life event or let travel or personal situations get in the way.

Make it more memorable: Record your Wedding, Confirmation, or any other major event immortalized and available for later viewing.

Amazing augmented reality applications: Appear as a human hologram that can practically be touched by all who view you.

Enjoy Fun Social Gatherings and Productive Networking Meetups

Distribute live and/or pre-recorded video during your virtual gatherings and enhance them

Never cancel again: Virtual networking can be done from anywhere any time and means you can meet more people this way.

Dating, social events, mingling, and networking: The possibilities of engaging with other like-minded individuals has no limit. Live your destiny!