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Available now on iOS devices, voxelizeAR is a newly-released app from developer Rare Realities, LLC that allows you to transform portions of the real world into 3D pixels—otherwise known as “voxels.” The result is an effect similar to that of the one used by the media to censor violent and/or sexual content.

The app works by scanning your nearby surroundings for any and all flat surfaces. Once identified, you can then paint on the screen to transform specific parts of the environment into 3D pixelations. You can adjust the size of your brush to make large, chunky pixelations as well as smaller, more detailed voxels. The app can even respond to color changes in real-time, allowing you to voxelize moving objects.

Image Credit: Rare Realities, LLC

Once you’ve finished with your project—personally, I’m a fan of unnecessarily censoring nearby billboards—you can then capture a photo or video of the scene to share with friends, family, and anyone else who may share your sick sense of humor.

Those with an iPhone Pro or iPhone 12 Pro MAX can create even more detailed voxels using LiDAR technology. These additional sensors allow users to voxelize individual 3D objects as opposed to just flat surfaces, resulting in more visually-impressive pixelations.


“Beyond the novelty factor, the app showcases a new technique I’ve been developing that lets you selectively (and somewhat convincingly) transform arbitrary bits of the real world using augmented reality tech,” states the developer on Reddit. “These transformations persist even as you move around the world. There are tons of other interesting applications for this and I’m hoping to explore a few others over the next few months.”

VoxelizeAR is available now for free on iOS devices.

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