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How to integrate your product in 3D and WebAR to Shopify

Woohoo AR 3D Viewer allows you to showcase your product in 3D and AR by using a simple ‘copy-paste’ principle. In this particular article, we will cover how with a few easy steps you can embed 3D or WebAR on to a Shopify website. Once you have added the Woohoo AR 3D Viewer on your Shopify website, customers will be able to access an interactive 3D and Augmented Reality experience with your product directly from a browser.

9 easy steps how to embed an interactive 3D/AR Viewer to your Shopify store:

1. Create a 3D model of your product or order it from Woohoo AR.

2. Upload a 3D model on the Woohoo AR Platform.

3. Publish the product.

4. Access the Embed code with the UUID.




5. Go to your Shopify store

6. Create a metafield for your Shopify product.

7. Insert UUID into the metafield created at step 6.

8. Copy and paste the Embed code where you want it to be visible.

9. Replace the Woohoo AR product UUID with the Shopify metafield.


If you wish to make changes to your product:

  1. Open the product you want to moderate on the Woohoo AR Platform.
  2. Edit the product.
  3. Re-publish the product on the Woohoo AR Platform.
  4. You do not need to change the Embed code on your Shopify store. It says the same.