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Embed AR Files to your E-commerce Website

Experience AR content in Apple iOS 12 devices with USDZ files. These files use AR Quick Look and allow
AR content to be viewed and shared on Safari, Messages, Mail and Files.

This feature requires the device to support ARKit. You can find a list of the supported devices from

Just Upload your .OBJ files to the Sayduck Platform and export them as USDZ.

Open Sayduck Platform and export your product as USDZ
Upload an image and the USDZ file to your server or media library
Add a link to the USDZ file (with rel=”ar”) and the image tag inside the link (see the code below).

<a href=”” rel=”ar”>
<img src=””>

Save and preview.

If you are having trouble, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Embed GLB files to any website

Create AR content on Android devices with GLB files. These files use Google Scene Viewer and allow AR content to be viewed on Android devices.

Open Sayduck Platform and export your product as GLB
Add GLB file to your server or media library
Create an encoded link to your GLB file

Paste code below to your DevTools console to encode your URL:


Embed GLB to your website

Here is an example code to embed the file to your website. All you need to do is replace the [UriEncodedGlbUrl] with your encoded URL from step 3.

Example embed page:

<a href=”intent://[UriEncodedGlbUrl]&mode=ar_only#Intent;scheme=https;;action=android.intent.action.VIEW;end;”>
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More detailed information can be found from

The AR file does not show your product?

Try the following:
Check your texture and model file sizes
Downscale the resolution of the model’s textures to 1024x1024px
Simplify the geometry and textures
For optimal use, models should stay under 100k polygons.

iPhones start having serious difficulties in AR for models over 500k polygons.