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There’s An AR Easter Egg Hidden In Apple’s New Event Invite

Apple’s latest iPhone event may still be a week away, but you can play with this new AR effect right now.

Apple today confirmed the official date for its upcoming September event. Earlier this morning, Apple’s senior vice president of marketingGreg Joswiak posted a tweet revealing a September 14th date for its official live stream, during which the company is expected to announce its next iPhone device.

In addition to the short animation, you can also visit the September 14 event page for more details on how to watch the event. But here’s the cool part: Those who visit the aforementioned link on an up-to-date iOS device can trigger an AR easter egg hidden on the page.

As pointed out by Mashable, tapping on the floating Apple logo activates the ARKit viewer, automatically triggering a unique AR experience.

After calibrating your environment, you’ll then see a floating AR apple containing a pristine alpine lake. By zooming in closer to the object you can immerse yourself in the moody alpine location. Here you’ll find the official date for the highly-anticipated event.

While simple, Apple’s decision to incorporate AR in its event promotion could signify the company’s continued dedication to the technology. Not only has the company furthered the development of its ARKit and LiDAR technology, but It’s been reported to have been working on its own AR headset since 2019.

Tune in on September 14th at 10AM to learn more about Apple’s latest happenings.

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