Use 3D Web augmented reality to create exciting and compelling shopping experiences that drive customer interaction and enhance conversion rates and sales.

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3D Viewer

Transform product visualisation with the Sayduck 3D Viewer. Allow anyone to fully engage with products online in photorealistic detail.

A plugin-free solution for showcasing products online with support for product variants and configurability.

Configurator Support

Instantly visualize all possible configurations for your product – even when there are thousands of them.

Analytics Reports

Our monthly analytics report will provide valuable insight into 3D engagement and interaction.

Secure on the Cloud

We take care of managing and protecting all of your assets with secure storage and proprietary 3D format.

Cross Platform

Our 3D Viewer uses WebGL technology which is supported by most modern browsers on mobile and desktop.

Super detailed & fully interactive 3D

Inspire confidence and give customers an extraordinary understanding of products. Rotate, zoom and present products in different colors, materials and finishes – in photorealistic quality.

Thousands of variations waiting to be discovered

With built-in support for configurable products, our 3D Viewer will allow customers to see a product in any specific variation in matter of seconds.

More than just a picture

Show product dimensions, take product shots from any angle, and allow a seamless jump to Augmented Reality – our 3D Viewer is much more than just a simple picture.

Fully Interactive 3D

Rotate, zoom and pick the right finish and configuration – discover products like never before.

High-Quality Visuals

Support for Physically Based Rendering (PBR) technology for astonishing photorealistic results.

Share & Embed

The 3D Viewer can be shared and embedded on any website with a simple iframe-integration.

No Plug-ins

At less than 500 kB, our 3D Viewer is lightweight and won’t slow down your page speed with heavy plugins


3D Viewer