Use 3D Web augmented reality to create exciting and compelling shopping experiences that drive customer interaction and enhance conversion rates and sales.

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Virtual Trade Shows

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Create larger-than-life Trade Shows

Stunning Demos with Augmented Reality: Product demos in AR and human holograms

Fully Customizable: Branded event platform, exhibit hall, and booths

User-Friendly: Create a seamless experience combined with 24/7 global support

Events Analytics: Monitor the success of your event, and your lead generation performance

Truly Global: Expand your reach with over 60 languages, and closed captioning built into the platform

Next Level Networking 

Built for Engagement: Keep attendees engaged and foster networking by designing a perfectly balanced floor plan, combining sessions with workshops and breakout groups to address specific topics more in-depth.

Interactions made easy: Use moderated or fully open sessions and chat rooms to encourage and enhance attendee interactions.

Give your product demos

a new spin

AR Product Showcase: With Augmented Reality, it feels just like having a product sample at your fingertips! As a presenter, you can rotate, pinch and zoom in on your latest innovation while introducing it to your stakeholders, investors, and sales teams. 

Product Visualization, from Home: Your attendees can do just the same in the comfort of their home, by casting the 3D model into their environment using nothing more than their smartphone, for a fully immersive experience.

Human Holograms: Send trade show invitations or announcements with holograms of your speakers or CEO to create excitement and an amazing personal touch.

Triggered from QR Codes: Disseminate QR Codes throughout your trade show so your attendees can scan them on screen and launch your AR experiences from virtually any smartphone.


Plan Your Tradeshow



Virtual Exhibition Halls and Booths

Highlight Your Sponsors: We’ll help you design sponsor packages to make sure they get the best visibility in their desired section of the tradeshow.

Event Promotion and Advertising: use our ad platform and in-stream video ads to highlight sponsors, partners, and premium exhibitors before, during, and after your tradeshow with programmatic display ads and remarketing.

Monetize Your Tradeshow: You can choose from banner and video ads displayed during the tradeshow, named auditoriums and rooms, premium or featured exhibition slots, virtual VIP lounges, and more.