Use 3D Web augmented reality to create exciting and compelling shopping experiences that drive customer interaction and enhance conversion rates and sales.

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Online Classes

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Host Your Classes Online

Build a progressive training plan with milestones, completion certificates, and reward

Create excitement with programmed webcasts and guest coaches


Measure your success  and completion rates

Online Certification

Use live or on demand videos with in-stream quizzes and completion certificates. Track your attendances and completion rates with our analytics.

In product training sessions, use Augmented Reality to demo your product in a webcast, but also to allow attendees to beam a 3D hologram into their own space, experiencing it their own way.

Online University

Take all courses and workshops online

Create lab experiences with live demos, augmented reality objects, accessible from anywhere

Manage course content, downloadable resources

Ensure interactivity with Q&A and Live sessions.

Validate courses with pre and post-assessments

Next Level Product demos

With a 3D hologram, it feels just like having a product sample at your fingertips: as a presenter, you can just rotate, pinch and zoom to introduce your latest innovation to your stakeholders, investors, sales teams.

And your attendees can do just the same in the comfort of their home, by casting 3D holograms into their environment.

Training for all

Solve the problem of engagement and cost, for enterprises that use video for training, corporate communications, and marketing. Designed from the ground up to make live or on-demand video easy. Inferno just works. No downtime, no confusing configurations, every device, every time.

And to keep remote audiences engaged and ensure training is meaningful, use instream quizzes and certifications.

Why Virtual Events and Augmented Reality Work… it’s in the Data!


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