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Virtual Higher Education

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Change to a virtual learning environment and don’t skip a beat with the help of Augmented Reality and Holograms.
Online University

Enable Students to take all courses and workshops online, in a fully customizable and collaborative environment

Create lab experiences with live demos, augmented reality objects that are accessible from anywhere

Manage course content and downloadable resources

Ensure interactivity with Q&A and Live sessions.

Validate courses with pre and post-assessments

Host Your Classes Online

Build an academic teaching plan for the school year.

Follow your students as they advance through the course using milestones like In, Pre, and Post lecture quizzes or Q&As.

Create excitement with interactive Augmented Reality Holograms as guest speakers.

Track your students‘ grades and completion rates.

Use Augmented Reality and Holograms

Use Augmented Reality to keep students engaged and provide detailed explanations of models and course material. 

In a 3D, AR Lab, students can pinch, zoom, and rotate equipment related to the course, for a fully immersive learning experience.

Virtual Labs

Solve the problem of social distancing and drastically reduce the cost of lab equipment by taking your labs virtual.

Eliminate the lab partner problem and allow students to participate in labs from anywhere. 

Make your labs just as engaging as before, and even have step-by-step walkthroughs to ensure a complete understanding of the content. 

Virtual Campus Tours and Fairs

Give virtual tours of your facilities on mobile devices using 360-degree videos, allowing for a socially distant tour of the campus.

Reach more potential students as they’re now able to tour your campus without commuting there, as well as use your new Augmented Reality features.

Host School Fairs and Open Days virtually to inform current students of clubs and upcoming events in the school community.

Earn credits virtually

Use live or on-demand videos with in-stream quizzes and completion certificates. Track attendance and completion rates with our analytics.

In-class learning sessions, use Augmented Reality to enhance visuals and increase engagement, but also to allow attendees to beam a 3D hologram into their own space, experiencing it their own way.


Punctuate the year with events to celebrate student successes, generous donors and committed teachers 

Host virtual graduation events, with holograms and live streams combined